Fresh from the press: Herring reproductive investment

Marion Claireaux, Thassya C dos Santos Schmidt, Esben Moland Olsen, Aril Slotte, Øystein Varpe, Mikko Heino, Katja Enberg. 2020. Eight decades of adaptive changes in herring reproductive investment: the joint effect of environment and exploitation, ICES Journal of Marine Science, published online, OPEN ACCESS

2019 Ocean Sustainability Bergen Conference

Ocean Sustainability Bergen organised its inaugural Ocean Sustainability Conference Bergen during 21-22 October.  SDG Bergen/Sverre Ole Drønen has written a report about the conference, which you can read here. SFG was present, and Katja Enberg was invited to give a talk about her SDG214 course: “Experiences from the first SDG14 course at the University of Bergen”.

Sustainable Fisheries Group in the ESEB 2019 meeting in Turku, Finland

During this week SFG has attended the conference of European Society for Evolutionary Biology, this year organized for the first time in Finland. ESEB 2019 covered a wide variety of topics from genomics, archaic DNA, game theory, to human-induced evolution. In the human-induced evolution session Katja Enberg presented results from the PhD-project of Ingrid Wathne – you can read more about it here. Her presentation is available below:

Fishing for answers – the genetic basis for adaptation to an anthropogenic driver

In 2002 David Conover and Stephan Munch published the results from their seminal laboratory experiment on fisheries-induces evolution. Now, in the current issue of Science, Therkildsen et al. present what they found out when the pulled these fish from Conover & Munch’s experiment from the freezer and looked at the genetic details of the observed rapid changes in growth. Read here our and Theoretical Ecology Group‘s Perspective on Therkildsen’s work!

Sustainable Fisheries Group is online!

Sustainable Fisheries Group at the University of BergenDepartment of Biological Sciences is a research group lead by associate professor Katja Enberg. We have finally gotten ourselves online, at, and our Twitter handle is @SFG_Bergen – please follow us for news and views on sustainable fisheries in general and about our own work in particular!

Sustainable Fisheries Group is growing…

Sustainable Fisheries Group has recruited two new PhD-students, Jessica Tengvall and Henrik H. Jessen. Both have funding for four years, meaning that 25% of their work is devoted to teaching or other service towards the Department of Biological Sciences. We are very delighted to have these talented young scientists on board!

Education for sustainable development

One of the first things group leader Katja Enberg did when she started at the UiB was to design a course on Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water. This course, SDG214, has also gotten some media attention, and now SDG Bergen has made three films about the course (below), you can see their news item here.